Rollout Video 2015

On the 13th of May we presented this year’s cars eb015 and nb015 to the public. Here’s the rollout video we made for the event:


Rollout 2015

This year’s rollout will take place at the Karlsplatz (Stachus), Munich, on the 13th of May. We can’t wait to present you cars to the public! 

We would like to thank all of our supporters and friends, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible!




This month was full of different teamevents. The managing board, now consisting of Andreas Metz, Lisa Kugler, Dean Petrovksi and Julia Decker, was elected. Also we were invited by our premium sponsor in-tech for a traditional Bavarian “Weißwurst”-breakfast, after which we all went to the Nockherberg festivity




Monocoque manufacturing Continues

We’re still onto it; the progress is getting better and better with all the helping hands from the team



Team spirit and team work are what makes up the TUfast team and what leads to success. As many new team members joined for this year’s season, we took the weekend off from the design phase and made a trip to a hostel near the mountain Lusen in Bavaria over the weekend.   

The event started off on Friday with a team building workshop organized by our premium sponsor MAHLE and held by “Die Schrittmacher”. We were split up into 4 teams and had to design a catapult, with which we would compete against each other at the end of the workshop. We had great fun and the first day was a success. On Saturday we went on a hiking trip up to the peak of the Lusen and enjoyed the view. Whoever was still fit after that rounded off the day with a game of soccer back at the hostel. 

The trip ended on Sunday after a small feedback round. Summed up, the weekend was worth the while, great fun and the goal to get to know each other was achieved. We would like to thank MAHLE and “Die Schrittmacher” again for the workshop on Friday.