The competition

1. The Formula SAE/ Formula Student

The FSAE was founded in the United States in 1979 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). The goal was to provide an opportunity for students to gather extensive experience already during the studies in teamwork, project- and cost management. 

Teams of different universities compete against each other in professionally organized competitions in their own, self-built and developed car. Thereby it’s not only about who built the fastest car, but about the best overall package of performance, engineering design, cost and presentation.  

The goal of a formula student team is to develop a car for a fictional market of hobby racing driver within the boundaries of the intentionally not too hard regulations of the FSAE, leaving enough room for the students to be creative and try out new ideas.

The competitions take place annually with the same rules and regulations worldwide, allowing it for every team to take part anywhere. 

The easily over a hundred teams at single competitions and the huge support by the industry make it clear how big of a success the formula student is. 


2. The competition

The several days lasting competitions are composed not only of races but of different disciplines.

The dynamic events make up the driving disciplines:

  • Skidpad (Lateral acceleration, 50pts)
  • Acceleration (75pts)
  • Autocross (1 lap sprints, 150pts)
  • Endurance (22km long racing distance with driver swap, 300pts)
  • Efficiency (Comparison of fuel-/energy efficiency, 100pts)
  • During the static events, the car will be inspected by experienced engineers in the following disciplines:
  • Engineering design (150pts)
  • Cost report (100pts)
  • Business plan (75pts)


The sheer mass of different disciplines call for general knowledge in various different fields. Only the most successful teams in all of the disciplines have what it takes to win a formula student competition. This makes it obligatory for the students to not only focus on their field of studies, but to open up and take a look at different fields. Exactly that is what gets more important in the working life of an engineer today.