Racing Team 2021


Racing Team 2021


Formula Student Germany 2019 1st Place (EV)


Formula Student EAST 2019 1st Place (EV)


Formula Student Spain 2019 1st Place (EV)


Formula Student Spain 2019 2nd Place (DV)

TUfast is an organization of students with a shared passion, the passion for motorsports. Every year our team members take up the challenge of developing, designing and building two all new Formula Student racecars: both with an electric drivetrain, but one with an autonomous system. Team spirit, commitment and persistence paired with technical finesse are what make it possible for us to succeed at international competitions throughout the Formula Student events. 

TUfast Racing Team wins FS Online

Dear Sponsors and Friends of the TUfast Racing Team,

Covid-19 Information

Dear Sponsors and Friends of the TUfast Racing Team,   Many of you have probably noticed that the coronavirus (Covid-19) now affects the whole life in Germany.

Season of 2019

Quadruple victory for the eb019, Podium in Barcelona for the db019

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