TUfast Racing Team wins FS Online

Dear Sponsors and Friends of the TUfast Racing Team,


the past weekend was an incredible one with a victory  of FS Online with our electric team.

On Saturday, 8th of August, the Formula Student Online competition took place. The event was created by Formula Student East and Formula Student Netherlands to offer an alternative digital competition as the real competitions could not take place this summer.

Although it could not replace the real events, it was an amazing competition with an exciting program. The competition offered us the possibility to show our knowledge in Engineering Design and Business Plan, but also offered a fascinating atmosphere with simulator racing events, fun activities and interesting talks and presentations.

The competition took the whole Saturday and was streamed online. You can have a watch the recording on YouTube:
I really would recommend your to have a look at the virtual autocross at time 01:44:53 and the eb business plan at 06:14:24.

We had a lot of fun during the whole day and in the end it became extremely exciting.

In the virtual dynamic disciplines for the electric team it was a difficult situation with a focus on drivers´ skills and a lot of good drivers from all the teams. Through the performance of our drivers Garvit and Dominik we scored a great 4th place.

Both business plan team did also a fantastic job, reached the finals and scored 4th.
With the new Concept Design Challenge where we had to develop new ideas and concepts for future energy storage solutions we scored with both cars 2nd.

The highlight of the day was the engineering design final in the afternoon where we could show our knowledge about different topics and our car in general. The driverless and the electric team showed an awesome performance and reached the first place in engineering design with the electric car and the third place with the driverless one.

With those fantastic results in all those disciplines we reached a first place overall with the electric team and the third place overall with the driverless team.
We congratulate Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team from RWTH Aachen and Dynamis PRC from Milano for exciting competition  and the 2nd and 3rd place.

We are really proud of the whole team that even in those difficult times they showed an awesome performance and demonstrated how much we can achieve together.

In the name of the whole team I would also like to say a big thank you to our sponsors who have supported us throughout the year and made it possible to realize such a cool project together.

Last but not least we would also like to thank Formula Student Online who organized the event and put a lot of effort in offering us a great virtual competition.

Nevertheless, we are also looking forward to next year, when we will meet again in person at the real competitions.

I hope you all stay healthy and have a great summer.


Your TUfast Racing Team


Covid-19 Information

Dear Sponsors and Friends of the TUfast Racing Team,
Many of you have probably noticed that the coronavirus (Covid-19) now affects the whole life in Germany. It is everyone's responsibility to take care of the society and prevent it from spreading the virus. In particular, it is important to protect society's people at risk and thus accept several restrictions in social life.

In this situation, the Bavarian government announced that all events and the operation of all facilities that do not serve everyday activities are prohibited.
This restriction includes also the TUfast Racing Team. From March 17th, 2020 all our rooms and facilities are closed until April 19th, 2020.
During this period, we have to make the best out of the situation and try to continue with all activities that can be done in home office.

Additionally, all Formula Student competitions have made the announcement to cancel their events. (The statement of FSG:
As the main motivation of our project is the experience we gain and the passion for motorsport, we have decided to continue building our cars as soon as the situation allows. Our goal is to finish the cars eb020 and db020 this summer.

Unfortunately, we have to announce that the Roll-out on the 8th of May is canceled. Due to the social responsibility as a university association we cannot continue planning with this date. As soon as we have further information regarding a replacement date or event we will inform you.

At the moment we are discussing the possibilities of organizing our own testing event with sponsors and friends and the opportunities of increasing our online activities.

The next months will definitely be a tough period for all of us, but together we are able to deal with it.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.
With our newsletter we will keep you up to date on all developments.
Your TUfast Racing Team


Season of 2019

Quadruple victory for the eb019, Podium in Barcelona for the db019

The Season of 2019 - one as no other before for the TUfast Racing Team.

As TUfast e-technology, the student team of TU München raced to the overall win in the four main Formula Student Competitions of Europe (Hungary, Austria, Germany and Spain). No other team in Formula Student history has done before, we might see TUfast e-technology with it's in total five consecutive overall victories soon on spot one of the Formula Student World Ranking List.

With the autonomous racecar db019 the season with TUfast Driverless needed some more time to get going. After some time intensive mechanical issues in Hungary and Germany, the team accepted the challenge of pleasent 50°C on the asphalt in Spain and raced to the podium with it's db019 - second place overall.

In the following, you can find an detailed overview of the happenings in the 2019 races, told from the Munich point view. Let yourself be thorn into the atmosphere of the Formula Student competitions and maybe take the chance to be live at the races in 2020 to chear on your team.


17.07. - 21.07.2019 FS EAST.
Since 2017 the season starter for all well-known teams of Europe. 73 Teams (24 EV, 17 DV)

The season 2019 started with a huge competition in Hungary for both cars, the Formula Student East. It was the fourth time that there was a competition in Hungary and this year there were 73 teams at the “ZALA-Zone”, a huge proving ground for testing of autonomous vehicles.

The competition started with the so-called “Scrutineering”, a technical inspection to proof that the competing cars were rules compliant. Simultaneously the team had to do the static disciplines. As for “Engineering Design” and for “Cost Report” the cars have to be at the pit, we unfortunately lost time in scrutineering.

Especially for the db019 this was bad luck as it could not finish scrutineering in time and therefore, was not allowed to drive.

Through the good preparation for the engineering design presentation the db019 could reach a third place in the design finals. The eb019 barely missed the designfinals and reached the fifth place.

For the eb019 the dynamic events started after it passed the scrutineering. In Skidpad, Autocross and Endurance the eb019 was the fastest and most efficient car. Therefore, it reached the overall first place. Due to good results in the static events the db019 ended up fourth.



28.07. - 01.08.2019 FSA.
Highlight on the Redbull-Ring. Less Teams, higher Excitement. 58 Teams (24 EV)

There was only one week between the competitions in Hungary and in Austria. That meant we had just one week for testing and optimisation. At the heart of stunning mountain scenery, you can find the Red-bull-Ring where the competitiononly for electric and combustion cars took place.

 The event started with very good results in Business Plan Presentation (3rd place)and Engineering Design (2nd place). This was a good basis for the dynamic events.

The Formula Student Austria has a duration of only four days and is the shortest competition in Europe. Therefore, the time for scrutineering and the dynamic events was quite short. For example, Acceleration, Skid Pad and Autocross for the eb019 were within one day. Even with this pressure the performance of the car and the drivers was fantastic, and we reached the first place in all three events.

The next day due to the good results the car started for endurance in the “Final Five”. It was an exciting race against high-performing cars from Delft and Trondheim. It was impressive to see their beautiful cars in such a thrilling race. Unfortunately, Delft had to end the race in the lap before the last one due to technical issues. Trondheim could reach the second place, close behind the eb019.

Additional to the overall win, a price for the second-best concept for the electric system was awarded to the eb019-team by Siemens. ITK honoured also the good approach during the on-track-testing.



05.08. - 11.08.2019 FSG.
Der Showdown at the Hockenheimring. 119 Teams (39 EV, 20 DV)

From all around the world 119 teams came to Hockenheimring for the largest competition, Formula Student Germany. This year there were 39 electric and 20 driverless cars.

 As the schedule was tight our db019 team started already on Monday with the technical inspection. Mechanical and accumulator scrutineering took place at the same time and both were passed soon. Also, the low-voltage-electrical (LV) scrutineering could be finished early.
With that good results on the first day the excitement for the next days was large.

On Tuesday eb019 team started the scrutineering and the first time had some issues with mechanical scrutineering. After several tries, smaller modifications and new drills in the monocoque the hard work paid off and the team passed the mechanical inspection. After that the accumulator scrutineering was no problem anymore. Meanwhile, the db019 passed the high-voltage-electrical (HV) scrutineering.

Wednesday was statics day. Both teams had to show their knowledge in business plan, cost & manufacturing and engineering design. Even the business plan results were not that good, we were happy to hear from the other two events. In costing the eb019 reached 8th place and the db019 was allowed to take part in the finals of engineering design.
While the eb019 could pass LV and HV scrutineering without mayor problems, thedriverless team had bad news. Fluids leaked out at the upright in the front left. Detailed analysis showed that there was a tear in the upright. Several tries to fix the crack with glue should not help for the whole competition.

On Thursday, the eb019 team could do the tilt test, rain test and brake test, whilethe db019 team worked hard to fix their problem with the upright. Additionally, the db019 team took place in the engineering design finals where they reached the fourth place and did great performance in some special award finals.

For the eb019 the dynamic disciplines started on Friday. With a time of 4.598 seconds the car could set a new world record in the skid pad event. In the afternoon, it finished the acceleration at fourth place.

On Saturday morning the db019 had to do the dynamic scrutineering and passed Tilt and Rain test. But, due to the broken upright, the team was not able to fix thetear and therefore, the brake test could not be passed.

In the afternoon the eb019 started the autocross. Even with some penalty seconds due to lost small part (it is called “track loss” without advantage for the team) the team could reach the first place in autocross.

On Sunday, the eb019 started with the “final six”, the six fastest race cars, in the endurance.
It was a beautiful race under perfect racing conditions. Unfortunately, the teams from Stuttgart and Dresden could not finish the race and the team from Trondheim could not pass the post-scrutineering. For the eb019 the race was great, it had the fastest lap time and was the fastest car overall. Therefore, it reached the first place in endurance and also the first place overall!

The db019 reached the 9th place overall and was awarded by Daimler for the 3rdbest autonomous driving system.



20.08. - 25.08.2019 FSS.
36°C, black asphalt and the golden sun of Spain. That is Motorsports! 75 Teams (39 EV, 8 DV)

Our last competition of this season was in Spain at the Circuit de Catalunya.
The competition started with good news: The eb019 could pass technical inspection within very short time and the db019 passed the brake test and the autonomous scrutineering successfully.

The business plan team of the db019 could convince the judges and reached a fantastic first place. Also, in cost report and engineering design the results were very good. Both cars were outstanding good in costing and the db019 got the third place. In Engineering design both cars reached the second place in their category.

Unfortunately, the db019 missed the acceleration event as the pre-scrutineering (something special in Spain) took a few minutes too long.
The acceleration events for the electric cars is something very special in Spain. It takes place by night. As all the teams are allowed to place light technology on their race car, it is great fun to watch. The eb019 reached within this amazing light show the fifth place.

The next day the db019 started the autocross and the trackdrive but could not finish both as one of the last curves was too narrow. In Skid Pad, Autocross and Endurance the eb019 reached in the fourth competition in a row the first place. With those results we could again celebrate the first place overall. The db019 team could reach the second place overall due to the very good results in the static events.


Rollout 2019

A special evening for Sponsors, family and friends of TUfast. After 7 months of development, CAD construction, coding, reviews, manufacturing and assembling we presented the newest TUfast racecars db019 and eb019 to public on the May 17th, 2019. It was a great evening with insights to the project, team and technology. A huge Thank You! to all our Sponsors and Supporters.

Die Enthüllung






ZF Racecamp

In the last few days we participated in the ZFRacecamp. It was a great opportunity to test our cars under competition circumstances and we learned a lot about our cars. Thank you ZF Friedrichshafen AG for the invitation and all other teams for the great atmosphere.