About the Competition

How the competition works

In contrast to other racing series, winning the Formula Student does not necessarily depend on having the fastest vehicle. Eight events—five dynamic and three static—are used to assess the performance of the teams. The focus of the Formula Student is on racing performance, in-depth knowledge of engineering theory, and cost-related presentations. An expert panel of judges from the automotive, logistics, and motorsport industries evaluates the presentations.

The diversity of the events calls for vast knowledge in various different fields. Only the most successful teams in all of the disciplines have what it takes to be victorious in a Formula Student competition. This makes it almost mandatory for team members to not only focus on their field of studies, but to also dip their toes into other different subjects. Today, the ability for engineers to be multi-disciplinary is a key quality that Formula Student teaches.

The maximum score of 1000 points are allocated as follows: