The eb-series

In 2010, the Formula Student adopted the trend towards electric vehicles and launched a new class of the competition: “Formula Student Electric”.

In the same year, two TUfastlers observed Team Stuttgart’s new electric race vehicle during FSG (Formula Student Germany) at the Hockenheimring and said, “damn! These cars are running fast!” So they took this as an excuse to commit one more year of their studies to build a racecar, and started a second department at TUfast: “TUfast e-Technology” with our first ever electric race vehicle, the “eb011”.

The TUfast e-Technology team needed mainly two things: a sum of additional money and – for an electric car – of course electrical engineers.

Over the years we managed to get some electrical engineers on board and soon after the eb011, the development of e-cars started. With the eb014, TUfast has built the first all-wheel-drive electric vehicle. The complete vehicle was developed around the drivetrain. After years of tackling some small developments step by step, one of our former E-Powertrain leads decided to build a self-built 2 stage SiC-Inverter. We’re still 5 years later one of very few teams that managed to have a self-developed inverter. In 2019, the second generation with some adjustments was done on it, and was then used in the famous eb019. This car managed to crush every competition with its reliable and powerful Powertrain. The eb-series ended with the eb020 in 2021, which was one of our two corona cars. After that, the story continued with the xb-series.

Most successful TUfast car eb019