Technical Specs

Key Data

The eb020 is one of our two corona season cars. Just at the beginning of the season corona has struck, which made it a two years project instead of one, because there were a lot of challenges during the production and the competitions itself. The team still managed to get the second place at FSG 2021.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h

E-Powertrain & Electronics

Nominal power in kW
  • 4x Fischer electric motors: 35 kW and 29.1 Nm max
  • Accumulator capacity: 6.3 kWh
  • Fully self-developed electric system:
    • SiC inverter
    • Contol unit
    • Battery management system
    • Dashboard
  • Dual band long range and LTE telemetry system

Chassis & Aerodynamics

                Chassis & Ergonomics

  • Full-body CFRP monocoque optimized for aerodynamics and suspension
  • Optimized layup with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • CFRP steering wheel with push-to-talk and vehicle control options
  • Ergonomically optimized seating position, adjustable pedal-box
  • customized CFRP seat and shoulder support


  • CLA > 7,9 and CdA=1.95 on straight line
  • CFD optimized Aaerodynamics
  • Air scoop cooling concept above driver’s head
  • Additional fans supporting the air flow

Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics


  • Highly integrated roll-heave-system
  • self-developed symmetric damper
  • Rear axle steering
  • Raised wishbones, lowered electric motor
  • 4-wheel drive with highly integrated wheelhub packages
  • Excentric gearbox with CFD oil analysis
  • Function integrated, topologically optimized laser sintered uprights
  • One-piece CFRP rims

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Vehicle Dynamics Control:
    • Slip control
    • Torque vectoring
  • Self-developed simulations and tools (lap time, multi-body, HiL, SiL, MiL, YMD, …)

Season Recap eb020


Formula Student Netherlands 2021

3. Place Engneering Design
2. Place Skidpad

Formula Student Germany  2021

2. Place Overall 
1. Place Engineering Design 
2. Place Skidpad 
1. Place Efficiency 

Formula Student Online 2020

1. Place Overall