Where it all started!

Our student initiative was founded in the year 2002 when a group of friends decided to design a race car together and compete in FSAEBack then only the combustion category was introduced, so the choice was clear.. 

This is where our famous nb – short for ”Nasenbär” – series started. The founders dedicated the first”Nasenbär” to their late friend and partner Tobias Anton. Sadly, he passed away in an airplane crash on the 15.05.2004.

”Tobi Hang Loose- wir werden jeden km mit dir teilen.” 

More about our nb-series!

Reading about the FSAE inspired our founders to create not just our first car, but the TUfast Racing Team itself.

Back in the days there almost weren’t any student initiatives at the TUM and the ones in place didn’t have the same dynamic and yearly cycle as the Formula Student, because there weren’t competitions for them. After presenting the idea to some professors they found their first supporters at the university.

The TUfast Racing Team then started the project at the end of 2002. First point of order was looking at the feasibility of the project. After a rough start with money lent from family and friends they achieved to complete the first TUfast competitor: the nb04. In the consecutive year the team presented a 89 kg lighter and improved version of it, the nb05. This was achieved by reaching out to carbon fibre technology. With many more improvements throughout the years, the nb06 won the TÜV SÜD award for the ”best quality Engineered Car”. Two years later the nb08 team already drove with our first ever self-developed and manufactured CFK-Rims. Coming to 2011, where parallel to the nb-series our eb-series was established. From then on, we started getting on the map of Formula Student reaching top 3 positions in both categories, combustion and electric. During the following years the development of  an aerodynamic package became more relevant. Hence, the nb012 had the first undertray with canals and a diffuser. A complete package was first featured at the nb013, with the undertray in place, a front and rear wing. After further improvements on the aerodynamics and the overall car concept the nb014 won a very solid first place at the competition in Hungary that year. Due to further development on the aerodynamics the nb016 was able to stay ahead of the competition and take first place in FS Germany. With the nb017 the combustion series came to an end in Michigan in 2018. The nb017 team shared the workshop with the eb and db team with that being the first and only TUfast season building three cars simultaneously.