Technical Specs

Key Data

Our first vehicle with a combined electric and driverless platform is the xb021. It is one of the few cars built during the corona pandemic in just one year. The team opted to continue building a new car in order to keep the knowledge transfer afloat. Due to our desire to modify the electric vehicle with the autonomous system, this was more crucial than before. As a result, the xb021 was built.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h

E-Powertrain & Electronics

Nominal power in kW
  • 4x Fischer electric motors: 35 kw and 29.1 Nm max.
  • Accumulator capacity: 6.2 kWh
  • Fully self-developed electric system:
    • SiC inverter,
    • Contol unit
    • Battery management system
    • Dashboard
  • Dual band long range and LTE telemetry system

Chassis & Aerodynamics

                                       Chassis & Ergonomics

  • Full-body CFRP monocoque optimized for aerodynamics and suspension.
  • Optimized layup with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio. 
  • CFRP steering wheel with push-to-talk and vehicle control options
  • Ergonomically optimized seating position and adjustable pedal-box
  • self designed CFRP seat with customized shoulder support


  • CLA > 8.1 and CdA = 1.98 on straight line
  • CFD optimized Aerodynamics
  • 3D curved rear wing endplates
  • Additional fans supporting the air flow  

Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics


  • Highly integrated roll-heave-system
  • Rear axle steering
  • Raised wishbones and lowered electric motor
  • 4-wheel drive with highly integrated wheelhub packages 
  • Excentric gearbox with CFD oil analysis
  • Function integrated, topologically optimized laser sintered uprights
  • One-piece CFRP rims

Autonomous System


  • Ouster OS1 Lidar 64 Layer
  • 2x Basler Dart camera with 180-degree FoV
  • YOLO V2 cone detection
  • Fastslam localisation
  • Curvature based Steering control
  • EKF state estimation

Season Recap xb021


Formula Student East 2021

2. Place Business Plan Presentation 

Formula Student Italy 2021 

2. Place Overall
3. Place Endurance
1. Place Efficiency