Technical Specs

Key Data

The nb014  was our second TUfast car to ever win an overall first place. Additionally the car had always a very good lap time in every Autocross it attended.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h

Propulsion System

Nominal power in hp
  • 510.4 cc single cylinder KTM 500 EXC
  • Power: ca.46 kW at 9000 RPM
  • Torque: 50 Nm at 6500 RPM
  • MoTeC M800 engine control unit. Map determined on the test bench
  • Separate water and oil cooling
  • Ethanol E85
  • 19 mm air restrictor
  • Electro-pneumatic gearshift with paddle shifters on the steering wheel
  • Chain drive on Drexler multi-plate limited-slip differential
  • Tulips integrated in the drive shaft


  • High-speed CAN bus
  • In-house developed wiring harness
  • In-house developed steering wheel control electronics
  • Variety of sensors (tire temperature, wheel speeds, etc.)
  • MoTeC ADL3 Datalogger and Driver Display
  • Efficient battery management

Chassis & Aerodynamics


  • Handlaminated CFK Monocoque 
  • Optimization of layer stackup using FEM 
  • CFK Impact Attenurator 
  • Welded steel lattice tube rear carriage with milled aluminium plate

  • Adjustable 3-element front and rear wings
  • Utilization of the ground effect for the underbody
  • Development through intensive CFD simulations
  • Validated by straight line testing and wind tunnel

Suspension & Vehicle dynamics

  • Double wishbone, Pullrod wheel suspension on the front axle, push rod on the rear axle
  • Control arms made of CFRP tubes with glued-in, milled aluminum ends
  • Chassis design using OptimumK and own software
  • One-piece milled aluminum wheel carrier
  • In-house developed rack and pinion steering
  • ZF-Sachs Formula 3 damper
  • 10″ R25B Hoosier Tire
  • ISR 4-piston saddles on the front axle and 2-piston saddles on the rear axle

Season Recap nb014


Formula Student Hungary Györ 2014

1. Place Overall 

Formula Student Austria 2014

2. Place Autocross 
4. Place Cost Event 

Formula Student Germany  2014 

1. Place Engineering Design 
2. Place Autocross 

Formula Student UK 2014

5. Place Autocross