Key Data

The eb019 is our most successful car to that date as it came on top of the competition at four different Formula Student Competitions in Europe. The eb019 used the developed concepts of the eb018 and optimized  the error sources of the previous year.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h

E-Powertrain & Electronics

Nominal power in kW


  • 4x Fischer Elektromotoren: 35kW and 29,1 Nm max.
  • Accumulator capacity: 7,4 kWh
  • Single-circuit cooling system
  • Self-developed SiC inverter based on the NI sbRIO 9651 (<3 kg)
  • Self-developed BMS
  • Self-developed ECU based on the NI sbRIO 9651
  • Dual-Band Long Range Telemetry System
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control
    • Slip control
    • Torque vectoring

Chassis & Aerodynamics

                                       Chassis & Ergonomics

  • Full-body CFRP aerodynamic optimized monocoque
  • Optimized layup for a high stiffness-to-weight ratio
  • CFRP steering wheel with push-to-talk and vehicle control options
  • Ergonomically optimized seating position, customized CFRP seat, including shoulder support
  • Adjustable pedal-box


  • CLA > 7,3
  • CFD optimized Aeropackage:
    • Front Wing
    • Rear Wing
    • Side Wings
    • Tower Wings
    • Undertray
    • Monkey Seat
    • Rear Wheel Diffusor
    • Efficiency optimized cooling system

Suspension & Vehicle dynamics


  • Function integrated, topologically optimized laser sintered uprights
  • One-piece CFRP rims
  • Directly actuated front suspension


Vehicle Dynamics

  • 4-wheel drive with highly integrated wheelhub packages
  • Compact and lightweight planetary gearbox with two-step planets
  • Life-cycling dimensioned planetary gears

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