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Formula Student 


The FSAE was founded in 1979 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in the United States and in 1999 the competition made its way to Europe. The goal was to provide an opportunity for students to test their abilities, gather extensive experience already taught during studies in teamwork and project/cost management on a huge project. 

Teams from various universities compete against each other in professionally organized competitions with their own self-built and developed car. It’s not only about who built the fastest car, but about which team has the best overall package consisting of various points: engineering design, performance, cost and presentation.  

The goal of a Formula Student team is to develop a car for the fictional market of hobby racing drivers within the boundaries of the lax regulations of the FSAE, leaving enough room for students to be creative and try out new ideas.The competitions take place annually with the same rules and regulations worldwide, allowing for every team to take part anywhere. 

The hundreds of teams at the competitions and the huge support from the industry make it clear how big of a success Formula Student has become. Moreover for future potential employers, the concept of letting students design their own racing car and gather real world experience is very attractive and so many former Formula Student members today work in leading positions of companies. Some have even made their dream of motorsports come true, as they work in teams ranging from Formula 1, NASCAR, WRC, etc…