Technical Specs

Key Data

With the eb014, TUfast built the first all-wheel drive electric vehicle in the club’s history. The complete vehicle is developed around the powertrain. Four permanent-magnet synchronous motors installed on the chassis side transfer the power to the drive shafts by a self-developed two-stage spur gearbox.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h

E-Powertrain & Electronics

Nominal power in kW

  • 4 x 25 kW water-cooled synchronous machines
  • National Instruments sbRIO for driving control and vehicle automation
  • 6.7 kWh lithium polymer battery with self-developed battery management system
  • Self-developed converters based on Infineon IGBTs
  • AnalogToCAN interface based on Freescale Mirco controllers

Chassis & Aerodynamics


  • Hand laminated CFRP monocoque
  • Aluminum honeycomb as a sandwich material
  • Optimization of the layer structure using FEM
  • Weight: 14.7kg
  • Foam seats adapted to driver


  • Aerodynamic package consisting of front and rear wing, side boxes and underbody
  • CFD optimized geometry


  • Double wishbone pushrod suspension
  • Wishbones made of carbon fiber tubes with glued, milled aluminum ends
  • One-piece milled aluminum wheel carrier

Season Recap eb014


Formula Student Hungary Györ 2014

5. Place Overall
1. Place Skidpad 
5. Place Autocross 
2. Place Acceleration 
1. Place Efficiency 

 Formula Student Germany Hockenheim 2014

5. Place Autocross