Technical specs

Key Data

The eb011 is the first electric vehicle in the history of TUfast. It is based on the successful nb010 . It is having a monocoque out of carbon fibre, and an accumulator out of lithium polymer batteries. The eb011 was the first and one of the most successful TUfast cars. The eb011 still holds the unofficial record for the most powerful car in the Formula Student, with a total power of 200 kW.

Mass (ready to drive) in kg
Maximum speed in km/h
Acceleration from 0-100km/h


Nominal power in kW

  • 2 liquid-cooled permanent-magnet synchronous motors
  • dSPACE Microautobox for vehicle dynamics control
  • Lithium polymer battery
  • High speed CAN bus
  • Completely modular wiring harness 
  • Self-developed steering wheel control unit for controlling various functions



  • Hybrid chassis: carbon fiber
    monocoque with trellis rear end
  • Hand laminated CFRP monocoque
  • Aluminum honeycomb as a sandwich material
  • Optimization of the layer structure by FEM
  • Weight: 19.5 kg including all roll hoops
  • Designed for high torsional rigidity with minimal weight 


  • Double wishbone pullrod suspension
  • Suspension design with the help of ADAMS,
    Optimum K and our own software
  • Wishbones made of carbon fiber tubes with glued,
    milled aluminum ends
  • One-piece milled aluminum wheel carrier
  • Four-way adjustable Sachs Racing dampers
  • Kinematic points precisely positioned by reworking the
    monocoque and 3D measurement on the rear end
  • In-house designed and manufactured CFRP rims 
  • ISR disc brake system with 4-piston calipers on the front and rear axle

Season Recap eb011


Formula Student Electric Hockenheim 2011

1. Place Autocross
2. Place Endurance
3. Place Acceleration

Formula Student Austria Spielberg 2011

2. Place overall 


Formula Electric and Hybrid Italy 2011

1. Place Acceleration
1. Place Endurance
3. Place Overall