Team 2020

Project Management

The team leaders are responsible for managing the organization and the project. They work closely with each other to ensure that development projects are feasible, progression is made, and budgets are kept. 

Florian Schuster

Team manager

Jan Haug

Head of Autonomous Software

Killian Eckert

Head of Suspension

Simon Wegener

Technical manager db020

Severin Brock

Head of Chassis

Verena Höfler

Head of Management

Alexander Bartz

Technical Director eb020

Can Korkmaz

Head of Electronics

Alexandre Kopp

Head of Vehicle Dynamics

Pierre Pirotte

Head of Aerodynamics

Maxim Chabursky

Head of E-Powertrain

Tomas Aloise

Head of Statics


The aerodynamics team develops the undertray, the adjustable front and rear wings, and the side wings. The aim is to guide the air around the components in the best possible way. With narrow circuits and a maximum speed of 120 km/h, their main focus lies on maximizing downforce.

Pierre Pirotte

Head of Aerodynamics

Francis Groschup


Igor Sym

Composites FEM

Jan Lorenz


Diogo Setubal


Pit Scheitler

Composite core structures

Max Backstrom


Laura Bintener


Maxime Lampach


Simon Wenzler


Jerome Schneider

Cooling system

Jimmy Hilbert

Rear wing

Autonomous Systems

The autonomous systems team replaces the driver with sensors, algorithms and electrical control. Among other things, a 360° LiDAR sensor records the state of the environment. With mapping algorithms such as SLAM or state estimation, the system derives the exact position on the race track. This then calculates the best racing line. The controller then processes the data in real time and reproduces it as steering movements and driving force on the wheels.

Jan Haug

Head of Autonomous Software

Alessandro Ferrenti

Cone detection

Marco Wagenstetter

LiDAR cone detection

Philip Jurašic

LiDAR optics

Mohit Kumar


Igor Sym


Michael Baumgartner


Vittor Strenlicht


Manuel Schwonberg

Software Driverless - Planner

Maximilian Schaeger

Controller Simulation


The chassis team develops and produces a carbon monocoque. There are many requirements from safety, ergonomics, aerodynamics, and other teams to consider. The focus is also on the driver. Their needs for comfort are best met by adjusting the racing seat, seating position, pedals and shift paddles.

Severin Brock

Head of Chassis

Raphael Urban


Maximilian Schnatterer

Accumulator Housing eb020

Mathis Kremer


Charlotte Eberhart

Test bench Crash element


Accumulator Housing db020

Lea Coppola

Seat and firewall

David Mendl




Felix Dengler


Larissa Wiseer

Crash box, steering wheel


The low voltage system is provided by the electronics team. Sensor data is recorded by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and sent to the PC through WiFi and LTE in real time as telemetry data. The Vehicle Dynamic Control System operates simultaneously in the ECU and carries out tasks like torque vectoring for the best handling in tight turns and slide control for maximum traction.

Can Korkmaz

Head of Electronics

Maxim Chabursky

Control Unit eb020

Michael Prommersberger

Control Unit db020

Nick Zhou


Paul Delseith

Emergency Brake System

Hannes Matheis

Wiring Harness db020

Peter Mueller


Günugur Dinckal

Wiring Harness eb020

Michael Lutz

Wiring Harness db020


The whole electric driving system is handled by the E-Powertrain team. The electrical energy is provided by a lithium-ion battery that we built ourselves. The four wheel hub motors are powered by inverters with SiC Mosfets that were also developed in-house

Maxim Chabursky

Head of E-Powertrain

Felix Kaiser

Inverter software

Lucas Brenner

E-machine Design

Mathias Rehm

Battery cell Design

Hatem Sellami

BMS software

Lukas Riedlinger

BMS hardware

Julian Klein

Inverter Hardware

Maximilian Schnatterer

Battery Mechanical eb020

Hakan Ozlemis

HV design

Samuel Wohlstein

Accumulator db020


The Suspension & Vehicle Dynamics team seeks to move the tires in their ideal functioning range with the vehicle’s fundamental architecture. A key factor in this is defining the kinematics for the whole car. The vehicle dynamics team also works on laptime simulations in order to quantify the performance influences of various concepts.

Kilian Eckert

Head of Suspension

Michele Korosec

Topology Optimization

Marcus Ruderer


Thomas Rinner

Gearbox & Wheel package eb020

Moritz Lerchner

Brake eb020

Dominik Kulmer

Wheel package & E-maschnie cooling db020

Pit Raas

Steering eb020

Sofie Obermaier

Steering db020

Maxime Lampach

Rear axle steering

Signe Stéen

E-machine & Cooling

Maxi Leitenstern


Max Caspary

Spring and Damper

Felix Mueller


Stefan Usbeck


Martin Gast

Brakes db020

Management & Communications

The Management team is responsible for most of the organizational aspects for the car. We also work on Marketing and are responsible for the website. On top of that we’re responsible for all events and the communication between the team and the Sponsors.

Verena Höfler

Head of Management

Sabrina Gegg


Jessica Tauscher


Alina Fesl

Social Media

Paulina Prieto Vega

Social Media

Luke Schuh

Social Media

Maximilian Schager


Vincent Pittana



Costing and the business plan are the responsibility of the Statics team. A bill of materials (BOM) listing every component of the race car is generated as part of the costing process. The team also develops a cost explanation that pinpoints the source of each cost.

Tomas Aloise

Head of Statics

Garvit Agrawal

Business Plan eb020

Felix Martel

Business Plan & Cost Report

Dirk Rittau

Cost Report Support

Marcel Stepanek

Business Plan & Cost Report

Jan Krusnik

Business Plan eb020

Gergana Christova

Business Plan db020

Maximilian Janetschek

Business plan support

Vehicle Dynamics

Alexandre Kopp

Head of Vehicle Dynamics

Martin Rudolph


Dominik Stark

Multi-body simulation

Zoe Weicherding

Vehicle dynamics control eb020

Moritz Zieher

Tire modelling & Aero Validation