About TUfast

TUfast e.V. Racing Team

In November 2002, TUfast was brought to life by 5 students of the Technical University of Munich who wanted more practical experience in their mostly theoretical studies. They wanted a place where they could learn about working under the pressure of time and money with full responsibility, and about working in a close team setting and communicating with other team members.

And now years later, the students of TUM still work on making their own race car from the ground up, tackling every challenge that comes their way – like in the real working world. Their goal however is and was always the same: to build a new, superior TUfast race car every single year.

Every student gets the chance to profit from the project, to gain new experiences and knowledge at TUfast. We as a team see ourselves as an interface between the industry and university, organizing various excursions to companies or inviting them to the university to assist and support in technical or organizational problems.

Another important detail to mention is the integration of students studying abroad into the team. Nothing makes coming to a new country easier than being able to chat for hours about the great experiences at the competitions or to discuss technical solutions.

Last but not least, we bring technology and science closer to future university students.