Recruiting 2016

Already during the last competitions, we started new members to inspire us. Here we are looking specifically for reinforcing and look forward to new and motivated students.

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FSH 2015 - Györ

The conclusion of our season was the Formula Student Hungary near Gyor. After a convincing competition course we started with eb015 and nb015 among the top 3 in endurance. Both cars were from the outset recorded fast lap times, but forced problems both in quick succession race was stopped prematurely. Highlights were like at Hockenheim the 2nd Place in the Business Plan Presentation by the combustions, and the 1st place in the Skid Pad under the electric cars.

A big thanks goes to Christian Koenen, who supported us numerous on-site, as well as to the Audi AG, the Audi A3 with 5 g-trons comfortable and very energy efficient allowed us to travel to Hungary.

Results nb015 | eb015

Cost Report: #10 | #14

Engineering Design: #10 | #7

Skid Pad: #7 | #1

Endurance: DNF | DNF

Overall: #17 | #14

Business Plan: #2 | #36

Acceleration: #18 | #4

Autocross: #3 | #2

Efficiency: #18 | #6


FSG 2015 - Hockenheim

The FSG 2015 was provided with some ups and downs this year. Highlights were beside the second place in the presentation of the business plan especially the enormous important  title defense in engineering design as well as the second place in autrocross of the combustion powetrtrains.

Because of a lost noise reduction part in the time of the endurance we unfortunately became disqualified afterwards.

A great thank to all of those sponsors, which visited us in the box, especially the in-tech GmbH, who also makes long nights in the box possible with their catered crates.

We're looking forward to the FSG 2016!

Results nb015

Cost Report: #14

Engineering Design: #1

Skid Pad: #41

Endurance: DQ

Overall: #18

Business Plan: #2

Acceleration: #34

Autocross: #2

Efficiency: #30


FSUK 2015 - Silverstone

The FSUK at Silverstone is the first competition of the season and gives already many important insights into our cars and the competition. Satisfactory results in the first few days let us hope looking forward to the course in Endurance. Unfortunately our nb015 had to stop due to a fault in the fuel system in the early race, but the eb015 managed driving the only car in the pouring rain in the Endurance, a respectable 5th place overall. Our driver got there the "Best Individual Driver" Award.

A special thanks to MAN, which had enabled us, in addition to a truck on the overall competitive phase, the journey to Silverstone with a top-equipped bus.

Results nb015  | eb015

Cost Report: #12 | #24

Business Plan: #51 | #13

Engineering Design: #16 | #34

Acceleration: #16 | #4

Skid Pad: #4 | #7

Autocross: #6 | #7

Endurance: DNF | #13

Overall: #22 | #5