Der xb022 ist unser zweiter Rennwagen, der sowohl autonom als auch elektrisch mit Fahrer fahren kann.  

Technical Specs


  • Focus on driver and tires

  • Light weight optimized (156kg, without driverless system 150kg)

  • Integration of autonomous system


  • CLA = 7.95 and CdA=1.98 on straight line

  • CFD optimized Aerodynamics

  • 3D curved rearwing endplates

  • 2x 750W Impeller fan used for powered ground effect

Autonomous System


  • Full-body CFRP monocoque optimized for aerodynamics/suspension

  • Optimized layup with a high stiffness-to-weight ratio

  • CFRP steering wheel with push-to-talk and vehicle control options

  • Ergonomically optimized seating position, adjustable pedal-box

  • self designed CFRP seat with customized shoulder support

Powertrain/Electric system

  • 4x Fischer electric motors: 35 kw and 29.1 Nm max.

  • Accumulator capacity: 6.2 kWh

  • Fully self-developed electric system:

    • SiC inverter

    • electric control unit

    • battery management system

    • dashboard

  • Dual band long range and LTE telemetry system


  • Highly integrated roll-heave-system

  • excentic motor with raised wishbones on front axle, cenctric planetary gearbox on the rear axle

  • 4-wheel drive with highly integrated wheelhub packages

  • Function integrated, topologically optimized laser sintered uprights and bellcranks front axle

  • We drive Hoosier lco 16x10x7.5 tyres

  • One-piece CFRP rims

Vehicle Dynamics

  • Vehicle Dynamics Control

    • Slip control

    • Torque vectoring

  • Self-developed simulations and tools (lap time, multi-body, HiL, SiL, MiL, YMD, ...)