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No Time for Sick Days

After COVID-19 season, the team was back as we built xb021, the first car which could compete in electric and driverless competitions simultaneously. 


The best season in TUfast history, when the team managed to win every single competition they participated in. 

The Last Hoorah

The era of combustion cars has ended at TUfast with nb017 taking 2nd place at Formula Student Competition in Michigan.

"Fine, I'll do it myself"

In 2016 the idea of a new challenge - an autonomous racecar was brought up which lead to the making of db017.

Home Sweet Home

After multiple podiums, we finally took our first overall victory at Formula Student Germany with nb016. 

Back to the Top

After 4 years, it was a delight to win Formula Student Hungary with nb014.

A Push to the Ground

First appearance of advanced aerodynamic package on our cars -  something that will remain TUfast's trademark until this day.

Green Power

In 2011, the first electric TUfast car was made. Producing 200 kW of power, the eb011 is still unofficially the most powerful car in Formula Student's history.

We are the Champions!

For the first time in our history, the nb010 team has won the Formula Student event at the United Kingdom. 

Champagne, Please

The progress continued, as the 2008 team managed to claim a maiden podium overall, claiming 3rd place at the event in Michigan.

The Taste of Podium

The first time the team has won an award at the competitions, dominating the Skid Pad event with nb05 at Formula Student event in Michigan.

Lights Out

1.5 years of patient and vigorous engineering, the first car of TUfast, nb04 was made. 

The Beginning

In November 2002, TUfast was brought to life by 5 students of the Technical University of Munich who wanted more practical experience in their mostly theoretical studies. Little did they know how influential their idea would be to hundreds of students in the future...